photography tips

10 Professional Photography Tips

Make Wise Digital Decisions and foolow the Photography Tips below to get the best outcome of your shot:

  1. Showcase Your Subject
  2. Get Close, Then get closer
  3. Strive for dynamic compositions
  4. Lock that focus
  5. Try a polarizer
  6. Trick your auto exposure
  7. Master outdoor lighting
  8. Master indoor lighting


  1. Make Wise Digital Decisions

If you are shooting digital, don’t comprise quality – capture all the pixels you can. Its the amount of pixels per square inch that gives quality to your images, and you wouldn’t want to take an award-winning shot that can only be enlarged to the size of a credit card. so always shoot at your camera’s highest possible resolution.


  1. Showcase Your Subject

Decide what you are really taking a picture of, and center your efforts on taking the best possible photo of this subject, be a person, place thing, or even mood. Be sure to keep anything that would distract out of the picture. also check the area behind the subject, looking for trees or phone poles sprouting from a person’s head. Remember, a clean background will emphasize your subject and have  a stronger visual impact.


  1. Get close, then get closer

Try to zoom or move in to fill the frame with your subject, and don’t be afraid to get close – really close. that way you can truely make an impact. even cutting into a subject a bit can be dynamic and lend the image an intimate mood. use the macro or flower mode for small subjects. even the simplest object takes on new fascination in macro mode.


  1. Strive for dynamic compositions

one of the most important aspects of composition is the rule of thirs. the concept, discovered by the greeks, is simple. imagine a tic-tac-toe grid across your frame, and place the subject at 1 of the 4 line intersections. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a time and place when you want to center your subject. but usually the strongest and most and most visually interesting place for your subject is at 1 of these 4 points.


  1. Lock the focus:

Most cameras focus on whatever is in the middle of the frame. As we just learned Photography Tips, thats ready the best place for your subject., so it may be out of focus. To combat this center the the subject and press the shutter button down halfway to lock in the focus. Then reframe the picture and press the shutter button all the way to take the shot with perfect sharpness.


  1. Try a polarizer

A polarizer is one filter every photographer should have for general outdoor shooting. It works with both single lens reflex cameras and point and shoots.


  1. Trick your auto exposure lock

It’s a digital Photography Tips. Auto exposure lock is something you will never forget and almost it is always accessible.

Steps to follow for auto exposure lock:

  • Point the camera on the product you want to cover. Fix the zoom level upto sky or grass with a suitable lighting.
  • Press auto exposure lock button from back facing panel.
  • Framing your picture is important. Reframe it to include everything you want to capture.
  • Take the picture. The thing you want to highlight will be appear much more colorful and detailed.


8. Master outdoor lighting

Simply set Manual mode, Auto ISO with shutter speed at 1/250 sec and the aperture at its widest setting, such as f/4. With flash, use a similar setting but with ISO 100. Take test shots to work out the best pairing of aperture and flash power


9. Master Indoor lighting

  • Camera Mode: Aperture Priority.
  • Aperture: f/2.8 (or the widest possible for your lens)
  • ISO: 800.
  • Shutter Speed (target): 1/100 sec. or higher.

The lower the number the less sensitive your camera is to light and the finer the grain. Higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds. For example an indoor sports event when you want to freeze the action in lower light.