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Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path Service to Remove Background, Photo Retouching, Clipping Mask, Shadowing, Ghost Mannequin Removal and all other photoshop editing services. Our team is highly qualified in Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Lightroom services. We are extremely experienced to make your images look brilliant with Professional touch! We understand that your images mean a lot to you. We put our best effort to make your business profitable and more acceptable to your clients. We are here to work with you, to make your visions a reality.

About our lab

We are a well-reputed top ranked image editing company who serve 24/7.  There are a lot of agencies but only few can deliver best quality clipping path service on due time! We’ve picked the talent graphic design masters who deliver projects on time using the right techniques. We are happy to make you smile with our quality services.

Why choose us?

We provide complete online solution for all Photo editing by experts in this industry. We are available 24 hours for your needs at unbelievably minimum prices! We take complete responsibility for your Images and we will redo your images if you are not 100% satisfied. We feel happy to increase your sale and reduce your work pressure.

Bulk image editing!

If you have bulk images for clipping path service, We offer  special pricing to edit them. We can process large projects without sacrificing quality. Our aim is always to ensure 100% client satisfaction with the best quality services. We have 100 graphic designers to work in 3 shifts in a day, so we never miss deadline. Here’s your golden opportunity, Grab Now!

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Our most popular photo editing services

Our main services are clipping path service, Remove Background, Image Masking, Photo Retouching, Raster to Vector, Color Correction, Ghost Mannequin, e-commerce Image Editing, Jewelry Retouching and all other professional Graphic Design service. These are just some of the amazing services we are offering. Talk to us, and we’ll tell you more!

What Is Clipping Path

Our Photoshop clipping path service experts usually use pen tool to present best quality output as per client’s instruction within a short turnaround. Our Experts can provide all kinds of clipping path services like as Simple, Complex, Overlapping, Multiple and perfect image cut out service. These photo editing services are mostly for Photo Studios, Design Agencies, Publishers, Online Stores, Brands and Manufacturing Companies.


Our image masking team is expert in all kind of image masking or tasks like Erasing, Color Masking, Channel Masking, Regular Masking, Transparency Masking, Alpha Masking and Layer Masking. Our Image masking services are not only for simple images but also for any kind of complex images. You may be enough to work yourself or you may have in-house designers but we can help you by saving your time and money. Try Us once and stay with us forever!


Remove background from pictures are very important while putting into e-commerce sites or web shops. Background removal service is also necessary to change or replace Image background or to cutout an image from its background using clipping path service. We are the best Photo editing company to remove background from product or Model photos.

wheel background remove

Are you a Photographer or do you have photography Studio, design agency or e-commerce companies? We are here to provide you the perfect photo retouching service by doing any kind of editing of your photos like as lighting, sharpening, color correction, glare, flare, sun spots or darkness even damaged photos. Our Photo retouching and Image Restoration services are extremely strong above the industry standards and can help your business by saving huge time and money.


Ghost mannequin service or Neck joint Service is to make the product inner part visible and to remove the mannequin from the photo for garment industry owners, Magazine business owners, online shop owners or professional photographers. Neck Joint service or ghost mannequin removal service is our most regular work that we deliver.

refection shadow

Shadow appears in a form of gray or black color which gives images a natural look. Image Shadowing is used to Improve the appearance of images with a realistic 3D feel. Here at our Lab, we offer natural shadowing, drop shadow or reflection shadow that can be applied to your images. Each with its own specialty and effect on the eyes.


E-Commerce images are most important for online shops.  E-commerce sites are powerful web systems that are taking all businesses to the next level. With the ability to purchase products from around the world, around the clock, at the press of a button, is amazing.


Images are made of pixels. Millions of tiny little dots put together, that create the big picture. These pixels, which define the image that you hold so precious, hold color in each one of them. So in essence, each pixel denotes a color. Each image you have, is a collection of colors, arranged in patterns that make up an image.


E-Commerce images are most important for online shops.  E-commerce sites are powerful web systems that are taking all businesses to the next level. With best quality Clipping path services we make your e-commerce products amazing. We remove background , retouching and re-sizing as required.


Raster images are the images that we usually see on a day to day basis. Made up on millions of pixels, little dots, that come together to form the big picture. While these are comparatively smaller in file size, they lack in quality. If you try to enlarge a raster image, you will often find that the image looks distorted to a certain extent.

Client Testimonial

What our customers say about us

The team at Clipping Path Lab has been so helpful. They do great work and save me so much time. I highly recommend this service.

Clipping does a great job with making sure the job is done correctly and in before any known deadline. They are very good communicators and they have a rapid turn-around time. I will definitely use them again.

The best clipping service I had, in terms of quality, time and price. And I have tried several before choosing with whom to continue working. Thank you guys for all your help!

Best Clipping Path Service Provider

Professional product photography is crucial for online retail success. One key aspect is maintaining a clean, white background to showcase the product without distractions. This is where CPL (Clipping Path Lab) comes in, providing world-class background removal and image editing services.

When it comes to clipping images, CPL has established itself as a leading image editing solution, serving clients globally in the post-production industry. Our expert designers utilize the latest Adobe Photoshop CC and other cutting-edge software to achieve high-end finishes and ensure your images perfectly represent your products to your target audience.

Consider CPL for your image clipping path needs and enjoy these benefits:

  • Attract more customers with product visuals.
  • Clear product information with showcasing the product’s details.
  • Create high-impact website images that drive sales.
  • Cut, crop, and rotate images with ease for flexible use.
  • Convert file formats for universal compatibility.

From the perspective of our clients, we successfully meet their image editing needs. According to their feedback, our high-quality service significantly enhances their business and plays a vital role in their business growth.

We have a team of experienced designers and retouchers who are passionate about creating exceptional results. We’ve earned a reputation as the best image clipping service provider, offering competitive pricing and exceptional service to minimize your operating costs.