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How to build an Attractive Designer Resume

Designer Resume  is the first bridge  to create relation with an employee and employer. When the employer get the resume of a person who is seeking job, he/she imagines an image of the employee. So first impression comes from a resume.

Bear in mind with the above a graphic designer should build/write a resume of his/her own. Traditional resume format with an attractive presentation may increase the possibility of getting a job. Take time and give efforts. Before submitting rechecks it whether any accidental mistake occurs or not.

Tips to write a Designer Resume:

First make sure your content is ready, then worry about the design and layout. Write a good content. A well written content may raise the chances to get the job. Use easy but attractive phrases. Elaborate your technical knowledge in-depth. You may pick words or phrases used by the employer relevant with your experiences. Detail job experiences with the responsibility you have should be define clearly. A designer resume should be clear ,accurate, and error free. Grab every opportunity to catch the eye of the hiring authority. Make a sharp-looking document that reflects    your are capability of presenting yourself with professionalism and style. Content should be informative.

Designing is a creative profession. A designer should emphasis to show -off his creative ability to the employee.Try to use a customize template of   your own. An employer may check your resume written for graphic design job on a computer screen.  Pick a common font that looks great both on screen and on the page. Font size should be in between 10 to 12 points. Easily readable and maintain a professional look. Mark your headings. Bold or italicized them and use 2 points larger fonts. Even though you are a designer, Fancy stuff may go wrong. So, don’t use any sort of clip arts, baffling lines or borders, or fancy bullets.

A recruiter has limited time to check your resume. You are a designer find a way to impress your employer with impressive resume design. So he/ she can realize that you are a creative person with adequate knowledge of designing.

What should be written in a Designer Resume?

Your name and contact information.

Your education.

Your work experiences.

You may attach a portfolio website for your graphic design job, where your work is being shown. a website that contains samples of your work. use a link or QR code on your resume to direct hiring managers to an online portfolio.

What should not be written in a designer Resume?

Any skill that you are actually not eligible to do so.

Wrong words or spelling mistakes.

Avoid over-dramatization.

Any work experiences which is not relevant with the job you are apply to.

Avoid repetition or double entries of any information.

Designer Resume must have necessary or required skills:

While writing a designer resume, one should mention his skills. as for example, if he/she has to apply for graphic design services like Clipping Path service, Remove background, Photo Retouching or any Graphic design as required. A designer could apply to a software design firm. In this case he should mention his coding specialties.


To  get a job obviously you need an attractive resume. Today world is becoming more and more competitive for graphic designers as well as all other professions. So your Resume is the key to open your doors for the graphic design job market. A well written resume can raise the chance on the other hand a poor resume can ruined. Your primary marketing piece is your resume, make sure you can benefit from it.