The Impact of 360° Photograph on Your Business

When we take a normal photograph, we usually take the front view of the object. But a 360° photograph captures everything around the photographer. It gives a better and realistic perspective of a space, because the 360° panorama encompasses all the directions and angles.

If a photo is worth of more than thousand words, then it is yet to count the worth of a 360° photograph. It is a technology which is grabbing the market fast. If a business farm fails to keep pace with the current technology, it is surely going to have a detrimental impact on the business. The demand for 360° media content is growing fast in the recent years. Here’s a statistics:

Impact of 360° Photograph

The statistics clearly shows the fast growing demand of 360° media content for business.

So, 360° photography has great impact on business. We can point out some of the impacts here:

Great way to New Marketing Platform:

Business entities should always test new platforms for business flourishment. Every platform has its own audience and interest group. Utilization of 360° contents on all kinds of platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. summarizing a lot of details of the product or service can assure more eyes on the posts. Instead of writing blog posts, interactive 360° contents can attract people longer to view the posts. People will share, comment or ask questions regarding the post and this will lead to more branding of the products and customer engagement. This will take companies to another stream of attention. A study by Branova in 2017 shows that 360° contents performed much better and gained 45% more interactions than conventional photos.

Unlimited Possibilities for Audience:

One 360° photo summarizes plenty than taking several regular photos. This 360° photo will enhance the view and help the client get a glimpse of what he is waiting for. It’s more about the feeling and immersing.

For instance, hotels, real estate companies, airlines etc. are using 360° photography to catch the attention of the customers and take them to experience virtual tours of their products or services of destinations etc. The customers can enjoy the tour from the comfort of their home and help them get a better understanding of the product or service before making a choice.

Increasing Customer Loyalty:

Posting new contents on company website and social platforms compels the customers think that the company is always present in the market and not to disappear. Again, using new technology like 360° photos will make the customers think that the company is advance in technology, forward-thinking and modern. This is an indicator to customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. It will make customers believe that the company will provide the latest updates and trends of products and services and they will get new kinds of products from them. This will make sure that the customers visit the company’s website and social platforms frequently for new products which will help increase the sales of products.

Competitive Advantage:

If a company uses 360° photos as a marketing tool for their product and service awareness, it gives the company a competitive edge over the other companies which do not accept the concept. Because customers have the ability to ‘re-visit’ a place or event or product as many times as they like and examine the details in 360°. It helps them make the right choice before expending their valuable money.

Attracts Investment:

The demand of Traditional media like radio, TV etc. are on decline and 360° contents are the next generation of consumer media. A report by Greenlight Insight shows that global VR (Virtual Reality) revenues will be close to $75 billion by 2021. This is a clear indication that 306° content help grow business.

360 photoshop edit

                             360 photography edit

Enhance Google Search Results:

The companies which use 360° photos or contents on their websites and social media platforms boost the visibility on Google Search as well as Google Maps as people like to see them. The greater the visibility of a website on Google, the greater the chances of business enhancement.

It is the human curiosity that pushes him to explore further and further more. 360° photos and other 360° contents allow individuals to fill that need safely from the comfort of home, and also help them get informed, educated and may be prepared for a real purchase or tour. So, the positive impact of 360° contents on business will be seen increasing in future.