What is Photo Manipulation?


Photo manipulation also known as, photo editing, is a buzzword of our era. Pictures are optimized and retouched before actually being printed or published to increase the engagement of the audience. That being said, who really wants their pictures edited? Photo manipulation, is for all. Irrespective of whether you a teenage that’s going to post your picture on Facebook or Instagram, to an Advertisement Agency that’s going to print a new magazine cover, to simply even having a decent looking picture on your resume or driver’s license. Why? Because it matters.


As a potential candidate for a job, we at Clipping Path Lab believe that your CV would tell your employer a lot about you, wouldn’t you want to look amazing for your job? After all, they do say, dress for the job that you want, not the one you have right? As a publisher about to launch an issue of a big magazine, you and us at Clipping Path Lab already understand the importance of a design. Having the right images, with the right focus in combination with the perfect color combinations to match, will make your pages look much more interesting to your readers!


So why Clipping Path Lab? Because from a little zit right down to a closed eye, we’ve dealt with it all. Irrelevant of the fact that if the picture was taken by a professional at a wedding or your best buddy on your night out with the gang, picture’s tend to have little glitches here and there. Sometimes little patches or blurs or even a little patch that you’d like to cover.


What sets Clipping Path Lab from the rest? Well, it’s simple. While most designers spend their time understanding and training on graphics applications to actually edit pictures, we do something a little different. The team at Clipping Path Lab study, your picture. With a good eye for detail and a vivid imagination for improvement, we’ll fix your image in ways you didn’t know possible. Don’t worry, we understand the fine line between a pixel-perfect image and an overly “photoshopped” one!


We also keep an ear out for the trends. From time to time, the trends move from bright colors to flat colors to even someone pale colors. Each color pattern offering a different look and feel to the person viewing the image. We’ll enhance your picture to look amazing!