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Apparel Photography Tips for Better Shots

eCommerce is always evolving, but there’s some things that will never change. One of the most important aspects of your industry is apparel photography. To help you stay ahead of the curve and avoid common mistakes, today we’ll discuss 6 mistakes many product photographers make, as well as how hiring a clipping path service provider can help you achieve industry-leading results with your apparel campaigns.


When the Garment Is Not Prepared


One of the most important aspects of clothing is its appearance. It’s what attracts the customer to your brand. If you have clothes that need ironing or need to be pressed, it can damage their appearance. Harsh creases and wrinkles will make them look used even if they’re brand new. They may also forget about other aspects like fit, which would have deterred a customer from buying in the first place. Of course, storage and transport could cause these problems too. Sometimes, samples come as tattered or unfinished products, but that’s not an issue we find at JustFashionClothes.


Here at Redge we make beautiful clothing. To ensure the best quality, we hire professional photographers to do our photos. The photographers prepare your garment in front of the camera and then remove any blemishes that may be present. However, many small businesses don’t follow this step. Instead, they will rely on Photoshop to make it appear as if there is no problem with their product. They might also use clipping path services providers for finishing touches to get a better image. But before you can perfect the image, you first need to capture one!


The great thing about our 3D Body Scanning service is that the model wearing your clothes will always be true to size and body shape.


Displays are an excellent way to showcase your product and draw in customers. It is essential that clothing stores use live models for their displays instead of the tried-and-true technique of laying the clothes flat on surfaces or using hangers. Using models gives customers the opportunity to observe and feel the fabric themselves, which makes them more likely to make a purchase. Common sense dictates that stores should always have at least one live model (or mannequin) on display, but it only takes one wrong turn to set your store back. Making sure not to overspend on a live model or neglect to consistently hire one can quickly break a business that otherwise has golden potential. Taking extra measures, like hiring a clipping path service to create ghost mannequins can turn this seemingly fatal mistake into an extraordinary opportunity. You’ll never spend any time styling the brand yourself, because you’ll be free to focus on what’s most important — turning your idea into reality!


Not Putting Enough Images


When posting product images online, it’s important to provide several different angles and lighting sets so customers can visualize their purchase. Providing these visuals will help customers determine the quality of your products and what distinguishes them from others. What’s more, uploading 9-12 images will allow your customers to see every angle of the product, providing a realistic shopping experience for them. This will also build loyalty with less returns and make sure you have a fan base that is satisfied with your product offerings.


One common mistake some new photographers make is not using enough light during the shoot.


You’ll want a good lighting set up to get the right color and details out of your photos. Dark, low-quality product images will ruin your reputation. Your lighting should vary depending on what you’re wearing. This ensures different aspects of your clothes are more visible within the photo. Also, ample light creates higher quality photos with less noise and grain. Both natural and artificial lighting will work for you, but if anything goes wrong during initial setup, editing can help save the day! It’s important to tie in with clipping path services companies as well – they will help make sure everything is perfect while editing.


Avoiding Incorrect Camera Settings


Even though you’re using a DSLR camera, incorrect settings can ruin your pictures. Thankfully, there are some essential features to know about such as aperture, white balance, and ISO which is important for taking great photos of products.


If you’re not taking the time to edit your product images, you may be missing out on valuable traffic. Not editing your photos can leave a lot to the imagination and risk people being hesitant to buy from your site.


You need to start with a good product. If you don’t, your photos won’t turn out well. Editing is essential to make them visually appealing. You’ll need to make sure the product is cropped and properly aligned with its background color. And images from every post should be consistent. That’s why our clipping path service provider automates a standard post-production process for you—this will take care of both shooting and editing, so you have more time for activities that generate revenue.


The Benefits of Using a Clipping Path Service


Having a third party helps you save time and resources. They are specialists at photo editing and take care of any repetitive tasks so you can continue doing what matters while they do the hard work. Creative juices don’t stagnate either, allowing you to take on new projects instead of spending time on old ones. With professional images of your company’s products, your company can thrive and so can your sales.


The best professionals are skilled and capable of handling a high volume of work. They also know the ins and outs of their industry, as well as all the latest trends.


If you’re having trouble with product images for your online business, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer editing services that can clean up your visuals and make them more compelling, including color correction and other skills. Our prices are low, turnaround time is fast and customer service is top notch. We’re always happy to help with any questions or recommendations – just call us or drop a post!