photo contest

When a photo is no longer a photo?

Among the groups I fit in with lately held a photowalk along with a photo contest for that people that participated. Sadly I had been on vacation on business your day from the walk, however i could attend the meeting that showcased the photos, permitting people to election and also the giving from the awards. Everything went well but there is a believe that happened later on. The controversy was mostly focused on “compositing”. Quite simply either taking several images in the walk and putting together them or bits of them together or adding items to the photo that were not there (on-site) to start with. This got me to to considering “just when was a photograph no more a photograph?


What do you experience feeling the guidelines ought to be should you be entering a tournament?

This will not be all of the our photo-walks/contests and for that reason we want to put lower some guidelines for the following one. Yes obviously I have Googled “Photo Contest Rules” and also got good quality advice in the results, however i was curious in regards to what my visitors consider this subject? What’s OK what is actually Not OK? For instance, everybody appears to consider that Popping, Exposure, & Color changes are OK as well as HDR is suitable. What about getting rid of things in the photo for example utility lines, trash on the floor, people, light posts, etc.? If getting rid of is alright, is replicating OK? There is just one bird and also the person cloned the bird which was really there making three more. Is the fact that OK? Why not a pano? For those who have a large position lens possibly you can get the shot, however if you simply did not are you able to stitch several photos together? Just how much “creative” Photohsop me is acceptable?


Multiple groups

Sure we’re able to simply state that there’s a Compositing category and if you wish to enter that category composite away! Problem solved. Pro versus. Amateur groups. How can you define them? Is really a Pro somebody that makes their living like a professional photographer or would a professional be also somebody that does compensated work quietly? Could it be the type of camera/lens they’re shooting with?


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