Photo Editing & Creative Design Services

Clipping Path Service

Clipping path service is one kind of technique for taking away or removing the real background of an image and then digging it into a different appearance or background. Clipping path produces hard and fine edges of the image. Clipping path is pretty and much a vector masking technology utilized to vector masking processing, utilized to cover the surface of the background of a photograph.

Remove Background Service

Remove background service is one kind of technique for taking away or removing the real background of an image or cut out the background from the image and then digging it into a different appearance or background. Clipping path produces hard and fine edges of the image. Background Removal is pretty and much a clipping path technology utilized to cover the surface of the background of a photograph.

Image Masking Service

Making clipping masks surrounding the thing that is difficult to see or does not have a clear outer point can frequently create results which are less than accurate. Our aim at Graphics Path is to ensure that every picture sent by the customer is completed exactly and in a standard way. We serve an image masking service for photos given by the client that are not appropriate for a good clipping path-supplying great results to clients who expect nothing less. Our qualified and trained graphic designers use the ultra-modern Photoshop masking technique to remove background from photos or images. As a result, the image edges seem smooth and professional. Besides this, if the customer wishes to use the image for the most detailed background of dark or gradient color, we can separate it from the foregrounding image or photos whether a high quality and the fantastic level of detail are maintained.

Photo Retouching Service

Clipping Path Lab is now open to serve those people who want to avail the best Photo Retouching service on the internet at the present time. Such type of service is one of the things that this company can offer to all of its clients on the internet. This retouching service for photos was created with the use of the modernized facilities and equipment for photo editing. The individuals who will take care of the photos of the clients of this company are professional digital photo artists who have excellent skills in all types of retouching services for all kinds of photos.

Digital image retouching service

Moderate retouching service is a photo editing technique that can make corrections in the set of colors that is present in a digital photo. In this service, the contrast of a photo can be adjusted with the use of their modernized facilities for photo editing. This classification of Photo Retouching service is very reliable also when it comes to the process of resolving the problems that are related to the lighting of a photo. The level of light that is present in the quality of a photo can be adjusted easily with the help of this service that only the digital photo artists of can perform.

Wedding Photo Editing

It’s a big challenge for photographers to edit wedding photos. After the day of wedding shooting, there are hundreds or may be thousands of wedding photos waiting for you to touch up. Aside from changing backgrounds, the most important part of wedding photo editing is retouching portraits.

Product Image Editing Service

Can you like purchasing a thing that can be draped in the filthy papers? The solution would be an evident zero! In the same manner, online consumers too wouldn’t be interested to buy anything that doesn’t have a beauty. The actual images of the commodities that you’d like to sell must be pleasing sufficient to make an effect around the heads of the prospective customers. Choosing an item online can be getting your hard earned dollars with something you can see but can’t feel enough to be sure. So when your sole purpose is to turn their seeing into believing, you had better be sure your online customers view a thing that compels them to buy.

Jewelry Image Editing service

Cutting outside the photographs: All of us backup the photograph of the jewelry in the first source to a more appropriate background. After that, all of us operate about the hues and saturation to build up the quality of the photograph.

Graphic resizing and Scaling: All of us in Graphics Path perform about the lower quality photographs and provide the best from these to our customers. The photographs can easily fit in diverse measurement possibilities like focus, thumbnail, and so forth.

Light-Shade and Color correction: Each of our devoted jewelry image editors may color the photographs based on your decision, consisting of form a contrast, perfection and tone changes.

Removing unwanted things: You can conveniently take away unwanted things from your photographs and efficiently repair the blank area in your photograph.

Picture resizing

Our devoted workforce works on the pictures with low resolutions and makes all of them definitely superior. You can produce the actual picture easily fit in several dimensions alternatives similar to thumbnail, focus, and so on.

Ghost Mannequin/ Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service is one type of ghost mannequins service which is generally done on garments item. We are specialist of Neck Joint Service. Normally one image has two or three view of the ghost or mannequin shot such as front view, back view, inner view (half view). The neck part is created by using the inner view of an image and output the final image.

Color Correction Service

Color correction service for your pictures ensures that they’re light-weight balanced and adjusted to the right tonal vary. changes color temperature and tint, embrace exposure, contrast, highlight and shadow compensation, vibrancy, saturation, brightness, sharpness and clarity.

Reflection Shadow Making Service

Reflection Shadow Making service is such an important thing that without these photography activities cannot be expressed independently. Reflection and shadow are the same words but these two are fully separate and have different meanings. A shadow is observed in the absence of light. On the other hand, a reflection occurs in the presence of light. But both are one kind of reflection and in this regard both are the same thing.

Logo Design Service

A logo can be a combination of both words and pictures, and we can use various kind of statements which express the aim and activities of the organization. A logo design is very important for the company and the owner. Because a logo is the identity of a company and the company brings fame and money for the owner. A logo represents a whole organization. During the designing of a logo, color plays an important role and each of the colors has great significance. Various kinds of symbols and pictures can be included in a logo, according to internal significant of a company.

Business Card Design Service

A business card is such a card where information of the business or information of the person who is involved in that business is kept in an organized, structural way, design is a strategic approach where creative arts and policy are skillfully expressed. As a definition of business card design, we can say that the card which portraits a brief description of an organization is called business card design.

Banner Design Service

Banner design is an important element of arts where we can exploit our opinion to get the advantages of a definite task and can fulfill the demand of self-motive or social movement through a colorful prestigious and attractive design. If anyone wants to design a banner, they can at ClippingPathab, where quality is ensured for the customer.

Brochure/ Flyer Design Service

Brochure or flyer design means an attractive and informative small magazine which contains pictures, indication and information on a definite product, company or an organization, and is helpful for advertising, marketing and merchandising for that definite organization or product. Clipping Path Lab is such an organization where this brochure flyer designing is completed with a great quality and considers the necessity of the client.

Start Our Free Photo Editing Trial:

Clipping Path Lab is such an organization where the customer can get a free photo editing trial offer for two images absolutely without payment; this is only for a new client. To get this free photo editing service, enroll by completing the form as follows. Also, you can email us at Getting delivery of the images will require four hours highest which depends on the input and output of receiving an image.

Digital Camera Care and Maintenance

It helps when learning to use your new camera to also know what a number of the more common terms mean. Below you’ll find many of those common terms defined..
Automatic Mode — A setting that sets the main target , exposure and white-balance automatically.
Burst Mode or Continuous Capture Mode — a series of images taken one after another at quickly timed intervals with one press of the shutter button.
Compression — the method of compacting digital data, images and text by deleting selected information.
Digital Zoom — Cropping and magnifying the middle a part of a picture .
JPEG — The predominant format used for compression in digital cameras
Lag Time — The pause between the time the shutter button is pressed and when the camera actually captures the image

LCD — (Liquid-Crystal Display) may be a small screen on a camera for viewing images.

Lens — A circular and transparent glass or plastic piece that has the function of collecting light and focusing it on the sensor to capture the image.
Megabyte — (MB) Measures 1024 Kilobytes, and refers to the quantity of data during a file, or what proportion information can
be contained on a Memory Card, disk drive or Disk.
Pixels — Tiny units of color that structure digital pictures. Pixels also measure digital resolution. a million pixels
adds up to at least one mega-pixel.
RGB — Refers to Red, Green, Blue colors used on computers to make all other colors.
Resolution — Camera resolution describes the amount of pixels wont to create the image, which determines the quantity of
detail a camera can capture. The more pixels a camera has, the more detail it can register and therefore the larger the image are often
Storage Card — The removable memory device which holds images crazy the camera, like film, but much smaller. Also called a camera memory card…
Viewfinder — The optical “window” to seem through to compose the scene.
White Balance — White balancing adjusts the camera to catch up on the sort of sunshine (daylight, fluorescent, incandescent, etc.,) or lighting conditions within the scene so it’ll look normal to the human eye.

Like most electronic devices, digital cameras need extra care when being handled. they need sensitive components which will be damaged by improper handling.

We therefore came up with several tips to assist you maintain your camera

1. Keep your camera from getting wet unless it’s indicated that it’s waterproof. Otherwise, moisture will build up inside it which can destroy your camera’s internal components.

2. If you’re employing a rechargeable battery for your camera, the time will come when it not works also because it wont to .

Typical Lithium Ion batteries last up to 500 cycles after which a decline in its performance are often noticed. eliminate your batteries properly and replace them with new ones.

3. Always keep your lens clean. this is often especially the case if you’ve got a digital SLR as its lens is more complex and wish better maintenance. Read your user’s manual on the way to maintain your camera’s lens.

4. Avoid dropping your camera. As mentioned earlier, your camera contains sensitive equipment which can be destroyed thanks to excessive shaking or impact.

5. When shooting pictures within the sea, confirm to guard your gear by waterproofing it well. Salt water can corrode your camera.

Therefore, you ought to gently wipe its surface with a cloth dipped in water to rinse remnants of salt water on your camera. Wipe it dry after.

Digital Camera Buying Guide

A Guide to Professional Styles and Techniques within the Art of Digital Wedding Photography

When people get sentimental, they typically flip albums and appearance at the photographs that depict the items that happened in their lives. These pictures aren’t simply pieces of colored papers with images for they will trigger deeply-seated emotions. Emotions vary counting on the memories attached to those images seen and preserved.

One of the moments that the majority people would really like to preserve is that the tick of events on their day .

For this reason, people even plan to hire professional photographers to capture the important moments of their lives. However, these photographers might not always advise the client to strike a pose. they’re expected to attend patiently to be ready to catch memorable portraits. Most photographers that are employed for weddings have assistants in order that they will maximize their strategy in creating an album which will not regrettable.

What if you’d also want to require pictures of a friend’s wedding?

Here are a couple of basic techniques and designs for anyone who wants to capture the said event employing a digital camera:

1. If you would like to require an image of a few or any intended target, confirm that the background is sweet and therefore the environment isn’t so crowded.
2. If there’s a pleasant background but it’s hard to specialize in the couple, you’ll shoot them from shoulder up.
3. If a number of the guests are wearing glasses, they will be advised to face tilt their heads a touch down or sideways to avoid the glaring effect that normally appears when the flash is employed .
4. If there’s a few or a gaggle that you simply wish to incorporate within the picture, you ought to concentrate or out of the image .
5. you want to not shoot a few or any guest against the sunshine in order that dark images won’t appear
6. Candid shots also are dramatic. These portraits reveal quite the standard of the image itself. In fact, many professionals do that to capture intimate and memorable moments.
7. you ought to be alert in the least times since you’ll seldom ask individuals to pose
again for you.
8. Your camera should be equipped with appropriate memory cards or sticks to make sure that no great moment is missed.

In other words, you’ve got to possess an additional memory card especially once you want more moments to preserve. the subsequent suggestions should be considered before buying a memory card:

a. for 3 mega pixels – a 256 MB memory card
b. for 4 mega pixels – a 512 MB memory card
c. for six mega pixels – 1 gigabyte memory card

9. you’re not advised to use low resolutions if the pictures are going to be displayed and
hung later.

Just always remember that the upper the resolution utilized, the larger the dimensions of prints which will be made.

10. Keep a replica of your best works so you’ll use and reuse the techniques that
made your viewers smile and appreciate your creation more.

You can do that by saving albums on your pc to release the space in your memory card. you’ll also use other software to reinforce the standard of the prints to be made.

Photography is actually an exquisite art. Wedding may be a wonderful event. The union of those things will trigger emotions and memories within the end of the day more so if images are captured and preserved well. all of them depend upon your camera and your love for this art and therefore the couple.

Benefits of Using Video Brochures for Your Business

One media that can help propel your business to new heights is video. Implementing video in all your marketing efforts will surely help skyrocket your business. And one-way video can be implemented in your marketing efforts is through a video brochure. Marketing your brand is essential to boost your business. But not all marketing efforts will yield the same results.

A promotional video brochure helps you make very complete and original presentations. They also allow you to explain concisely and in a visual way, what you want to talk about.

But what are video brochures and exactly how do they help in business? Let’s find out.


What is a Video Brochure?

A video brochure is a promotional brochure, invitation, or display with an embedded video file in it. When you open the brochure, a promotional message is seen on a small LCD screen. Video brochures are comparatively newer and they have been creating quite a stir in the market since their inception.

The main advantage is that with a video brochure, you don’t have to read the boring text to find out what a company is trying to convey. The video message from the company will do that much more comprehensively than reading text.


How Do Video Brochures Help Your Business?

Video brochures, as mentioned, use videos rather than text to convey what you want to. It may be about a newly launched product or your services, a video will help you send the message in a straightway.

But the advantages of using promotional video brochures are not limited to that. It has several benefits and helps a business in a number of different ways.

Preferred Media

Text brochures have the drawback that they can be left unread. Even in the most colorful and attractive brochure, people will not read all the bulleted points that you make about your product or company. A video helps in these situations. Being visually interactive and curious in design, a video brochure grabs all the attention of the customer and keeps it throughout the presentation. A video brochure thus gives customers an added exposure to information that printed brochures fail to provide.

Interactive Design

There are several different buttons available in a video brochure to help you create an interactive experience that keeps your viewer engaged. You can choose from channel buttons, the play-pause button, and additional options to create and fine-tune your video message.

Immediate Access

Video brochures store the presentation locally, and thus an internet connection is not necessary to play the video. So, you never have to worry about Wi-Fi or connection speeds. You can have a great presentation even without an internet connection. Standard brochures come with 128MB of memory or a video playtime of approximately 7 minutes. But you can upgrade it to play videos for as long as two hours.

Adaptability and Reusability

After creating a video brochure, you’ll have several options to adjust your content. You can replace the video with a newer one for updating information. You can also keep the primary information the same in the brochure and adjust the video to reach different audiences.

Reusability is also a factor in using video brochures. They are built durable and can be used multiple times before replacing them. The batteries that power the brochures are rechargeable as well.

So, we see that a promotional video brochure is a great marketing tool and has a more professional appeal than standard text brochures. So, if you haven’t thought of using video brochures in your business, it’s probably time you consider doing that. You won’t be disappointed.