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Benefits of Using Video Brochures for Your Business

One media that can help propel your business to new heights is video. Implementing video in all your marketing efforts will surely help skyrocket your business. And one-way video can be implemented in your marketing efforts is through a video brochure. Marketing your brand is essential to boost your business. But not all marketing efforts will yield the same results.

A promotional video brochure helps you make very complete and original presentations. They also allow you to explain concisely and in a visual way, what you want to talk about.

But what are video brochures and exactly how do they help in business? Let’s find out.


What is a Video Brochure?

A video brochure is a promotional brochure, invitation, or display with an embedded video file in it. When you open the brochure, a promotional message is seen on a small LCD screen. Video brochures are comparatively newer and they have been creating quite a stir in the market since their inception.

The main advantage is that with a video brochure, you don’t have to read the boring text to find out what a company is trying to convey. The video message from the company will do that much more comprehensively than reading text.


How Do Video Brochures Help Your Business?

Video brochures, as mentioned, use videos rather than text to convey what you want to. It may be about a newly launched product or your services, a video will help you send the message in a straightway.

But the advantages of using promotional video brochures are not limited to that. It has several benefits and helps a business in a number of different ways.

Preferred Media

Text brochures have the drawback that they can be left unread. Even in the most colorful and attractive brochure, people will not read all the bulleted points that you make about your product or company. A video helps in these situations. Being visually interactive and curious in design, a video brochure grabs all the attention of the customer and keeps it throughout the presentation. A video brochure thus gives customers an added exposure to information that printed brochures fail to provide.

Interactive Design

There are several different buttons available in a video brochure to help you create an interactive experience that keeps your viewer engaged. You can choose from channel buttons, the play-pause button, and additional options to create and fine-tune your video message.

Immediate Access

Video brochures store the presentation locally, and thus an internet connection is not necessary to play the video. So, you never have to worry about Wi-Fi or connection speeds. You can have a great presentation even without an internet connection. Standard brochures come with 128MB of memory or a video playtime of approximately 7 minutes. But you can upgrade it to play videos for as long as two hours.

Adaptability and Reusability

After creating a video brochure, you’ll have several options to adjust your content. You can replace the video with a newer one for updating information. You can also keep the primary information the same in the brochure and adjust the video to reach different audiences.

Reusability is also a factor in using video brochures. They are built durable and can be used multiple times before replacing them. The batteries that power the brochures are rechargeable as well.

So, we see that a promotional video brochure is a great marketing tool and has a more professional appeal than standard text brochures. So, if you haven’t thought of using video brochures in your business, it’s probably time you consider doing that. You won’t be disappointed.